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Uni students celebrate the end of their 3 months work experience with RMS ET

University Students doing work experience – see photo’s 3681 and 3682

In January 2016 RMS was approached by University Nationale Timor Leste and was gladly able to accommodate 8 local engineering students in the 3 month work experience component of their studies. RMS have a long history of working with local universities here in Timor Leste to assist in student learning programs.

The 8 bright young students learned and participated in all aspects of our laboratory testing  including geotechnical testing, topographical survey and testing the properties of concrete and asphalt for the purpose of civil engineering.

The students were a great help around the lab and turned on a fantastic presentation outlining the what they had learned at the completion of their 3 months.

We look forward to our continued work with engineering students here in Timor Leste.


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