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Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier Arrangement (BUS 253-1215)

Commencing 8 December 2016, RMS have been nominated as pre-qualified suppliers under Local Buy Contract No. BUS 253-1215 Civil Works – Marine, Water, Sewerage & Tunnelling Services.

Category: Water and Sewerage ‐ Construction and Maintenance
Deliverables include, but are not limited to, construction and maintenance services; plant and equipment
supply, installation, upgrade, service and/or repair; for the following:

  • Desalination plants
  • Water storage plant and associated equipment
  • Water storage facilities, dams, reservoirs, weirs etc.
  • Water treatment plant and facilities
  • Water pumping plant and facilities
  • Sewage treatment plant and facilities
  • Sewage pumping plant and facilities
  • Effluent reuse systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Reticulation systems
  • Other related construction and maintenance activities



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