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Arnhem Highway Minor Pavement Repairs

Arnhem Highway minor pavement and subgrade repairs between CH14.00km and CH75.00km comprised but were not limited to traffic control, wetmix pulverization of 150mm depth existing base course pavement and seal, removal and stockpile.

Removal of additional 150mm subgrade material, reinstate subgrade with wetmix material from stockpile. Install new 150mm basecourse and 14mm aggregate primer seal.

Construction Period: July 2010 to August 2010
Final Construction Period: July 2010 to August 2010


  • Remote locations and providing logistical support to the construction crew
  • Mixing of and reuse of existing material with a Bomag
  • Working under heavy, hazardous traffic conditions
  • Short program, heavy time constraints

Details & Contact

Duration: July – August 2010
Client: Dept of Construction & Infrastructure
Contact: Bill Kruse
Phone: 08 8999 4753
Value: Award: $506,042.00 | Final: $506,042.00

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