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Cathedral School Townsville Car Park

The construction of a school car park for private school Cathedral located in Townsville North Queensland.

The project required strict traffic control due to the high number of student movements within the grounds.

With a number of extremely large trees in the grounds it was essential to maintain environmental management to ensure their preservation.

Construction Period: June 2011 to July 2011
Final Construction Period: June 2011 to July 2011


  • Provision of Traffic Control to ensure the safety of students
  • Diverting water and pre-watering
  • Clearing limits and tree preservation
  • Soil and water quality management
  • Asphalt surfacing
  • Concreting

Details & Contact

Duration: June – August 2011
Client: Flanagan Consulting Group
Contact: Fei Ngoo
Phone: 0435 768 073
Value: Award: $371,750.00 | Final: $485,565.49

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