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Elliott 10 Lot Residential Subdivision

Residential 10 lot subdivision works 250km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

The project comprised of works not limited to clearing, grubbing and earthworks within the road reserves. Construction of sealed roadways and kerbing. Installation of water and hydrant systems. Installation of electrical services. Realignment of fences and boundaries to cadastral boundaries.

Construction Period: May – September 2010
On time On budget


  • Remote locations and providing logistical support to the construction crew
  • Winning, mixing laying all materials
  • Mobilisiing all materials, batching and finishing concrete with mobile batching plant
  • Employment of local indigenous labour

Details & Contact

Duration: May – September 2010
Client: Dept Construction and Infrastructure
Contact: Peter Watton
Phone: 08 8962 4591
Value: $1.01m

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