Australia East Timor

ISAT Classroom Metinaro

RMS East Timor have just completed construction of a classroom at the Nicolau Lobato Training Centre near Metinaro – about 30 minutes’ drive East of Dili. Our client ISAT is an Australian Training company http://isat.tl/about-us/   .

ISAT, a Timor-Leste based training company, have proudly been involved in the delivery of Australian Standard Certificate II in Construction for F-FDTL over the past 8 months. This has seen the completion of four courses and the fifth is currently being delivered. This has been site based training delivery at the military base at Metinaro.

The construction of the building by RMS served two purposes. Firstly to allow students to be able to observe the construction of a building that meets the Australian Standards. This is important for the future projects that F-FDTL conduct throughout Timor-Leste and the military exchanges they do within the region. Secondly it will serve as  F-FDTL’s Military Engineers training facility for future training courses. This is anticipated to be the first stage of what is hoped to be the development of their Army School of Engineers training area.

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