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Pot C754 Jetty Station Rd & QT Entrance Upgrade Works

Port of Townsville - Jetty Station Road Upgrade Works

Included in the works but not limited to were earthworks clearing and grubbing, excavation and removal of clean spoil and concrete spoil to approved sites.

Subgrade preparation and pavement works including linemarking. Kerb and channel, realignment and regrade of existing open and table drains. The QT Entrance required surfacing works, clear and grub and removal of asphalt to approved locations, spray and seal and linemarking.

Construction Period: April 2013 to June 2013
Final Construction Period: April 2013 to August 2013
EOT approved – no liquidated damages applied


  • Pavement reconstruction
  • 3200m2 of seal asphalt
  • Underground Drainage
  • Open table drainage
  • Mill and replace Benwell 3300m2
  • Install line marking and road furniture

Details & Contact

Duration: March – June 2013
Client: Port of Townsville
Contract: Shaun McCollam
Phone: 0448 001 564
Value: Award: $422,536.30 | Final: $551,648.57

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