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Roadworks at Sun Metals Zinc Refinery

Construction of roadworks surrounding the new storage drying facility on the Sun Metals Zinc Refinery at Stuart.

The works butted up against the new drying facility.  Under strict OHS site regulations RMS was required to clear and grub the area of new works and undertake earthworks as per AS 3798.  Topsoil was to be stripped to a minimum depth of 50mm and filling to be carried out in uniform horizontal layers of no more than 200mm of loose material and be compacted to a 98% standard compaction.


  • Sediment control.
  • Backfill and trimming behind back of kerb.
  • 2.1 and 2.3 pavement materials sourced from DTMR approved quarry.
  • Saw cut existing pavement for neat transition to new works.
  • Proof roll subgrade with fully laden water cart.


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