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Specialist Training Wing Metinaro

The Specialist Training Wing comprises the primary multi-user facility with three separate specialist

areas, which includes:

  1. STW primary multi-user facility comprising of common/shared training areas.
  2. Medical Training Facility
  3. Engineering Close Training Area (CTA)
  4. Communications Training facility


  • Civil & External works – bulk excavation, car parks, concrete pathways, pathway roof, drains, retaining walls.
  • Services Reticulation works – electrical, sewerage and water site works
  • Site plant area – generator shed & slab, generator
  • Building Works – 12 Buildings

Details and Contact

Duration: July – December 2008
Client: Defence Co Ooperation Program
Contact: WO2 Brendan Creer
Phone: 02 6224 3604
Value: $5,796,214.61

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