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RMS Leading the Way in Port Vila

RMS is Working Closely with the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu Promoting Gender Equality and STI Awareness

Gender equality is an important objective of the Port Vila Urban Development Project. Gender equality and STIs are both big issues for the small South Pacific nation and the country’s Government is very keen for all contractors to actively promote equality and sexual education.

RMS is working to create equal employment opportunities for women with 46% of the locally recruited workforce being women.

RMS has also been proactive in addressing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Upon request of RMS, Wan Smol Bag carried out awareness education for all project personnel in early May. RMS ensures that condoms and educational information materials are available to personnel at all times in the fight to reduce the number of sexually transmitted infections in and around the city.

Recent estimates indicate that around one quarter of the country’s population is infected with a known STI.


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