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The Port Vila Urban Development Project is necessary to upgrade and repair the devastating damage caused by Category 5 Cyclone Pam in March 2015, which at the time, was one of the biggest cyclones in recorded history and one of the worst ever disasters in the Pacific region.

The works for the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu has been funded by Australia Aid and a loan granted by ADB Bank and will include the improvement of about 13km of roads and about 7km of drains around Port Vila, consisting of mainly the arterial roads of Kumul Highway (formerly Walter Lini Highway) and the Lini Highway (formerly the bypass road of Teouma, Colardeau and D’Artois), plus Freswota Road, Winston Churchill Avenue and roads within the Central Business District. The main arterial roads will be completely upgraded with kerbs, footpaths and associated drainage. The Freswota Road, Winston Churchill and Central Business District will also be resealed.

All of us at RMS are very proud to be involved in such an important project for our South Pacific neighbours and it is anticipated that as well as improving the lives of the people of Port Vila, it will result in a massive boost to the local economy and provide numerous jobs and training for the local people.

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